Spiritual Healing Journeys to John of God – Brazil
with casa guide
Josie RavenWing

John of God (Joao de Deus, or birth name Joao Texeira da Faria) is a medium, or vessel, of spiritual healing. Many have said that he has performed miracles of healing, but John of God always says, “I have never healed anyone – it is God who heals.”

  • WHAT’S NEW?!

    Josie RavenWing's wonderful new meditation CD, "Healing Journey to the Crystal Cave: A Guided Journey for Spiritual Transformation," has just been released. See her Music and Meditation CDs page under "Products" for more information on it.

    "OPRAH SHOW ON NOV. 17TH, 2010 FEATURED JOHN OF GOD!!!" Josie is very pleased that information about John's wonderful work has been shown around the world. Because of this and a higher that usual volume of interest in her trips to John in Brazil, if you are wanting to participate in a trip there next year, Josie recommends registering with her soon to guarantee your place!

    Josie is now on Facebook and has a "John of God Spiritual Healing" Facebook group with information and discussions. See her link page for the addresses. You are invited to join her there!

    Josie takes groups and individuals regularly to Brazil to visit “John of God” (Joao de Deus) probably the most powerful spiritual healer of our time, at his healing center the Casa de Dom Inacio, often called simply “the Casa.” read more >>