Casa Processes and Protocols


There are several primary processes offered at the Casa.  Josie will explain each one in depth at the group orientation session on your first Tuesday there.  But to summarize:

Each week you may go through the line for your brief “CONSULT” with the spirit/entity incorporated in the medium John of God. This is like a visit to your spiritual doctor!  Once he tells you what to do for the rest of that week, then that is what you do.  Generally the Casa entities that incorporate through John of God prefer that people just go through the line each Wednesday morning, unless there is an urgent situation between the first and second Wednesday morning of our trip, or unless the spirit entity tells you to come back through the line during a subsequent session that week.

When you go through the line, the incorporated entity may hand you a prescription for the blessed CASA HERBS, may advise you to have a certain number of CRYSTAL BATH sessions right away, may schedule you for a SPIRITUAL OPERATION – or, more recently, called SPIRITUAL INTERVENTION – and what some people refer to in non-Casa terminology as a “psychic surgery”), and/or may advise you to spend as many as possible of the rest of the week’s Casa sessions sitting in the CURRENT ROOM.  The latter, in addition to the Spiritual Interventions/Operations, is where the bulk of the healing work is done.

After each morning session, we take the blessed CASA SOUP, which is tasty, nutritious, is part of your healing “medicine,” and is served gratis.

And finally, there are the spiritual cleansings at the beautiful SACRED WATERFALL (or “cachoeira” in Portuguese). One must obtain express, verbal permission and a permission slip from the Casa entity to be allowed to go there, and Josie does this for all of her group members.

Josie consults regularly with the various Casa entities and John of God to make sure of the protocols.  When you go to the Casa, you may see or hear of other visitors doing things differently than what Josie has advised you is correct protocol, including other visitors talking about going through the line every session or every day.  However, in December of 2010, Josie spoke again with one of the Casa entities about this to confirm if the “once-weekly” consult in the line was still correct if needed, and the entity said “yes!”  So please be assured that Josie will always give you the most updated protocols of the Casa given by either John of God or one of the entities incorporated in him.

Having stated all of the above, know that for the past few years, the Entity is now offering “volunteer” spiritual operations/interventions every session.  Given that, many people in Josie’s groups now go through the line their first Wednesday morning there, have an intervention and also sit in current their first week, and then opt to have another spiritual intervention the second Wednesday, sit in current again later in the week, and then go through the “bye-bye” line to see John of God “in Entity” the last Friday afternoon session.


Just as if you were going to a Western doctor, you are asked to follow various protocols with the above processes, and some protocols extend beyond the time that you are actually at the Casa.  Again, Josie will explain these in-depth when you arrive on one of her trips, but here are a few things you might want to know in advance:

If you are taking medications prescribed by your doctor or other health care practitioner, John of God has asked that you must continue to do so while at the Casa, until, upon your return home at some point your doctor says you no longer need them.  This is true whether your malady is physical, psychiatric, or both.

If you are prescribed the Casa herbs, you must follow the dietary restrictions of no pork, alcohol or hot peppers until you have finished taking all of the herbs, which can last several months or more, depending on how many prescriptions you receive during your stay.

If you have a spiritual surgery/operation/intervention, there is a period of 40 days of sexual abstinence after your very first Casa surgery.  For any subsequent Casa surgeries there is a period of only 8 days of sexual abstinence.

During your stay in Abadiania, whether or not you receive the Casa herbs, you may not drink alcoholic beverages nor use any recreational drugs, nor may you give or receive any spiritual/energy treatments or give massages to others unless verbally authorized to do so by John of God or one of the Casa entities. Nor may you go to any other spiritual healing centers during the time of our stay. If you do not follow these protocols, you will no longer be part of Josie’s group, no refund given, and will be asked to leave Abadiania immediately.

For your own benefit, you are expected to respect and follow all Casa protocols while you are there, and some protocols continue for a while even after returning home from the Casa.