Distance Healing

Sometimes individuals are not immediately able to travel to Brazil but are wanting distance healing from John of God until that time when they are able to go to see him in person.

There are two ways of requesting such help.  The first is to ask for blessings and help from John of God without the Casa herbs, and the second is to request the herbs of the Casa from him along with distance healing, the herbs providing a potential deepening of healing and spiritual processes.

In both options above, it is necessary to send a photo along with the individual’s full name, address, date of birth and a brief summary of that person’s requests for help/healing.

For those people taking the herbs of the Casa, it is required to carefully follow the dietary restrictions of no alcoholic beverages nor hot/spicy peppers of any kind until they have completed taking all of the herbs.

Also, to help with healing and spiritual development/protection, many people who aren’t able to go to the Casa like to order blessed objects from the Casa, including crystals and rosaries, all of which are imbued with the healing energy of the Casa.  Please click on the Casa Products tab for more information on this option.

Josie is often available to assist people with all of the above requests, in addition to taking them in her groups to the Casa in Brazil when they are able to go.

To inquire how to go about distance healing with or without herbs, please email Josie at jravenwing@aol.com.