Spiritual Development at the Casa

Many people go to the Casa de Dom Inacio primarily for spiritual reasons, often making a yearly pilgrimage just for that purpose, and/or to enhance their own innate healing abilities so they can be more effective healing practitioners themselves when they return home, whether they be doctors, nurses, or one of the many practitioners of alternative health care and energy medicine.

These are wonderful reasons for going to the Casa.  But even if the initial catalyst for your making this trip is a physical or emotional ailment, upon entering into the Casa processes, most people discover that this is truly a spiritual journey that they have been called to embark upon.

One of the most powerful spiritual effects that most people experience as they spend time at the Casa is the opening of the heart to unconditional love.  This is the true essence of healing, for many people who come to the Casa begin to realize how little they are in touch with that love, how little they really love and accept themselves.  As the entities work with them, and through the ongoing encouragement the Casa promotes to forgive ourselves and others for any grievances, many blocks to overall well-being begin to dissolve in the current of love.

In addition to starting to feel real self-love, which for many is a miracle in and of itself, often people either have their first glimpse into – and/or deepening awareness of – non-physical realities, including the opening of spiritual vision, the ability to feel energy, and sometimes even communication with departed loved ones.

The Casa entities also have deep respect and support for those who help others.  They have told many doctors and healing practitioners that “we will help you transmit more energy to your patients.”

So overall, the Casa experience is a multi-faceted spiritual journey that is tailor-made for each individual who participates in it.