The Healing Process

The healing process at the Casa is indeed a process, not a single event.  Each person has very individual needs and make-ups, and their healing process is thus highly individual.

John of God and the spiritual entities who work through him help you to resolve the actual cause of your ailments, rather than simply working on the symptoms.  For some people, this may be a relatively fast and dramatic process, while for most, it takes place over time, continuing well after you have left Abadiania, and sometimes requiring more than one trip to the Casa.

It is important not to compare your progress with anyone else’s.  It is also crucial that you participate fully and actively in your own healing process, spending time before, during and after your trip to the Casa going within and looking at what you need to release, forgive, and change in your life in order to continue moving towards the state of optimal health that we all desire and that is possible for each of us.  In her preparations information that each registered participant receives, Josie gives various suggestions for initiating your healing process in advance of your arrival at the Casa.  And her book about the Casa, “The Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of Joao de Deus,”  (see “Josie’s Book About the Casa” page) also contains much helpful information in its third section for participating in your own healing.

The Casa entities will do all that they can to help and support our well-being, but they have also said on more than one occasion that they expect us to also do our part.  Their work is not magic, it is not a quick fix, it is not pixie dust!  It is the support of a profound spiritual process.  And yes, there have been many of what most people would call “miracles” for people under the care of the Casa entities, but again, each case is different.

So the best approach is to come to the Casa open to miracles and fast results, and at the same time to be patient, participate fully in your own process, and trust in the healing power of Love – the most powerful medicine that exists and one that permeates the work of the Casa.