Who is John of God?

John of God in prayer

John of God/Joao de Deus was a young teenager when he became a spiritual healer via trance mediumship. Born to a family who rarely had enough to eat, he was clairvoyant as a boy. One day in his early teens, he went to a river to bathe and the spirit of a radiant woman—who later turned into a ball of light—told him to go to a nearby spiritual center. This spirit later became known to be St. Rita of Cassia – Brazil’s patron saint of miracles.  John followed her instructions, found the center, walked up the stairs, and knocked on the door—and that was the last thing he remembered till he came to, three hours later, to find a circle of people standing over him.

John is not an educated man by worldly standards.  He barely finished first grade, does not read or write, yet through his strong will, intuition and savvy, he has managed businesses that help support him, his family, and the Casa.  He has, like all of us, many sides and can be friendly, aloof, relaxed and sometimes high-strung.  John is also extremely generous with his time, energy, and finances.  He has very little personal life, having dedicated the bulk of it in service to his healing mission.

Sometimes people who are not familiar with trance mediumship confuse John the man with John “in entity” – incorporated by one of the Casa spirit entities.  When people are speaking with John the man, he does not remember what he said while in trance.  When they speak with him when he is in trance, they are not speaking with John of God, but rather with one of the spirit entities that work through him.  It can be confusing at first!

John of God is a full trance medium of healing, and a very powerful one.  There are very few mediums that are able to incorporate as many entities as he does, and his work has touched many millions of people over the course of his life.

And yet, to close with an often-cited quote from John of God, he says frequently and with great humility, “I have never healed anyone.  It is God who heals.”