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I want to share with you a brief quote from my book about John of God,  “The Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of Joao de Deus.” The following quote reflects what I have experienced as being the essence of the Casa work: the medicine of Love.  The book can be ordered directly from the publisher’s site, and you can also visit the page on this site specifically about the book, or on the Products page on this site for information on all three books that I have written.  Enjoy!

“One woman commented to me, ‘Part of what touches me here is all of these desperate people – people who have not been able to be helped by any other means – rejoicing in the energy here.  Even people who have never thought about what God really means, what love truly is, come here and meet Love face to face, heart to heart.  And they see that here is hope with a capital ‘H,’ and a new chance at life.’ 

“I, like all of you, have been subject to the great tumbler of life.  We have all been polished again and again by the impact of other people’s rough edges colliding with our own, wearing down the irregularities of our emotional and mental surfaces, our egos, hitting our weak points and causing the occasional fracture.  Through this process, humanity collectively moves blow by blow, back toward our awareness of the deeper and gem-like perfection within each of us. 

“Prior to going to the Casa for the first time, I’d had my share of heartbreak and suffering as well as the joy of spiritual gifts of love and illumination.  I’d gone through a particularly trying period a few years before going to the Casa, one that had left me questioning all the spiritual knowledge and experience I’d ever experienced to that point as well as the existence of true human goodness: a typical dark night of the soul.  This crisis had also left me feeling empty, bereft, disappointed with myself and others, and questioning God’s true nature.

” Before leaving for Brazil I had prayed that when I arrived at the Casa, I might not only experience healing for some of my physical complaints, but also that my faith in Spirit might be rekindled by some undeniable event or events.  By the end of the morning, having only experienced two sessions at the Casa, these prayers were already beginning to be answered by what I was seeing and feeling there.”  

from Chapter One of “The Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of Joao de Deus” by Josie RavenWing

All rights reserved.  Copyright 2000, 2002

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Hello, friends.  This is my very first blog post ever!!!  I welcome you to my new site,  I hope you enjoy exploring the information on the various pages, and that if you are considering a trip to John of God with me, that you will find this a helpful web site.

Due to the increased interest in John of God because of his work being featured on Oprah and in her O Magazine in November, I am receiving an unprecedented volume of interest in my upcoming trips, so if you plan on joining one of them, I do encourage you to register as soon as possible.  Look forward to hearing from you and to meeting you on one of these amazing journeys.

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