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May 2018: Interview with Josie, Grainne and Heather about Casa/John of God and general spiritual issues:  (Episodes 1 and 2)

March 2018: Interview of Josie about the Casa/John of God and general spiritual issues: 

Interview of Josie on John of God on the Kevin Cook Show.  Go to the link, register (for free) on the site, then look for Josie RavenWing’s name under the Kevin Cook Show.

Interview of Josie speaking about John of God on the Aging Younger radio show:

Interview of Josie: The Light Within- Awakening The Inner Healer with host Joan Jacobs VoiceAmerica Variety  Oct. 10, 2011

ONLINE TV INTERVIEW with Josie RavenWing; host Jude Byrne.  Recorded July 23, 2011.  Features info on John of God.

Excerpt from Robert Beard’s video about the Casa, featuring Josie RavenWing giving helpful information for those wishing to go to the Casa.  About 8 minutes long.

Rev. Nettie Spiwack’s 3-part podcast on “Miracles of John of God” with Josie RavenWing

Interview with Josie on Dick Sutphen’s show.  Go to “topics,” then type in “Josie RavenWing” under “past guests in alphabetical order.”

Radio host Barbara Mackey, August 7, 2009. When you get to that page, click the blue “Download Now” tab, then follow instructions. You’ll hear a lot of music first, then the interview begins.

Radio host Joanna Harcourt-Smith, April 24, 2009: archived.

Radio host Dr. Anne Marie Evers, June 13, 2009: archived.

Radio host psychic medium Joseph LoBrutto, June 18, 2009: archived.

Radio host Sonia Novick, July 7, 2009, 9pm Eastern time: archived under Sonia Novick’s archives.