New Crystals and Other Awesome Stones from Brazil!!!

I just got back from another trip to John of God/the Casa.  It was awesome, and besides taking care of my group, I spent quite a bit of time hunting and gathering – for new healing crystals that I could bring back to the U.S. and make available for purchase.

At the moment I have a wide assortment of clear quartz crystals, as well as some citrine, “green gold” crystal, rose quartz, lepidolite (the “Peace Stone”), rose and black tourmaline, yellow mica, and a few of the very rare “water agates” that contain millions-year-old primeval water inside them.  You can actually see and feel the water sloshing around.

I also bought a few more Casa-blessed rosaries (see photos by clicking here), so at the moment there is a fair selection from which to make purchases.  Let me know what interests you!

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