New Testimonial from April 2011 trip

Four years ago I was diagnosed with two herniated disks (lower back).  That in turn caused my left foot to be completely numb and cold, since there was no circulation in the foot.  Additionally because of the pain, aside from Lidoderm patches, I took strong pain pills, that started to get very addictive.
This in turn (because of the codeine) caused me itching all over my body, so I then had to take 2 antihistamines a day on the day(s) I took the pain pills, which was almost every day.
After I had my Spiritual operation at the Casa,  as protocol dictates, I had to go to bed for 24 hours.  I woke up in the middle of the night, and I thought, “Oh no, I was just in a good sleep and now my (good) foot has pins and needles and is waking me up.”  Well when I sat up and put the light on, I realized it was my numb foot coming to life, right in front of me. The numbness left and gradually my foot became warmer and warmer, as blood was now circulating in it.  I was so amazed that I thought, “is this real, can I be dreaming?”  So I got a pin and pricked my foot just to make sure I was not losing my mind.  It was so awesome. 
Also in addition to my “numb/cold” foot coming back to life, my back had no more pain, therefore I need no pain pills, and I can honestly say I had no desire to take the pain pills (as before when I was getting addicted to them). Also because I was not taking any pain pills, my itching went away completely.
I have four years of documentation, regarding my back/foot/itching and each morning when I get up, I am still amazed.  Yes, I know the entities can heal everything.  However, when that much healing goes on, and you have had the conditions for four years, every day is truly a miracle. My pain management doctor, my allergist, and my family doctor are all elated for me and I no longer have to see them bi-monthly.
I felt compelled to go to see John of God when I went with Josie as my guide in April 2011.  And if possible I shall go back to the Casa next year just for the spiritual energy at the Casa, including for some great crystal bath sessions. With no TV, telephones etc., you have a sense of serenity and the time to grow spiritually.
Arlene Stirn, Florida
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