Out of the Ashes, Into the Light

As I write this, it is the day before winter solstice, the time of most prolonged dark before the return of more light on the planet here in the northern hemisphere.

It feels most appropriate that it be so, particularly for those of us who have been to the Casa de dom Inacio in Brazil and/or for those who are aware of the wide media coverage over the past 10 days concerning John of God/Joao de Deus.   This coverage was precipitated after a Brazilian talk show host, who prior had mostly just interviewed comedians and, according to some, whose ratings were low at the time, decided to somehow solicit interviews with 12 women who had been to the Casa, some of them multiple times, and who were now making allegations of sexual abuse by John of God.  Since that time, many other allegations have been made.

It was a great shock to me to start getting links to media articles about this and an increasing number of emails from people asking my perspective on it.  I tried to respond to as many of them as I could, which in itself was quite an overwhelming task while trying to deal myself with my own reactions.

One of the things I told people in my email responses was that during my 20 years of service as a Casa guide, and haven taken 153 groups as of November of 2018, totaling numbers of close to 2,000 participants and the majority of them women, no such thing had ever happened to any of them, to me, nor to anyone I knew during that period.

Apparently all such alleged events did NOT take place in the public healing areas, but rather, in John’s private quarters on the Casa grounds.  And most of the women said they had experienced and believed in the healing work of the Casa, but were shocked by the behavior of John the man with them privately.

If all or any of the allegations being made are true, the women have my compassion and prayers for healing, and my hope that ALL women – and men as well who face abuse – will be increasingly empowered from within to be able to resist any such behaviors by anyone.

That being said, since the reports of allegations came out, I have also been doing my best to remain in a place of non-judgment towards anyone involved in any way, including any who may have made false allegations and towards John as well.  My own spiritual training, much of which is based on the messages of the great spiritual masters, Jesus included, is “judge not; pray for your enemies – be they personal, community, national or worldwide; forgive seventy times seven; neither do I condemn you; who made me a judge of you?, and more…” and to as continually as possible turn my attention instead to God, to Source, to the inner Divinity of my own being and that of all beings.

Friends, as you yourself may have experienced, this is not always an easy thing to do, as the world mind – and all of its collective belief systems – is based on the belief of two powers, good and evil, rather than on the One.  And in this particular situation, for someone like me whose life has been so intertwined with the Casa and all of its healing activities for so long, it has taken me quite a bit of introspection and spiritual practice during this dark of winter to try to sort it all out and come back to Center.

So what follows is some of what has been coming to me in my contemplations on the matter.

One of the most common questions I get when I am with my groups at the Casa is this: “What will happen to/at the Casa when John passes on from this world?”

My response is always that “no one knows.”  John was not trained for this work.  It was something that opened up within him in his teens, to be a type of medium for what has ended up being healings of all levels for millions of people.  Given that he had no training, he has no way to train a “successor.”  That does not mean that someone else with these abilities could not show up – in Brazil or elsewhere in the world – but it doesn’t mean they would end up working at the Casa.

In addition, I tell people my own “guesstimate.”  It is that the Casa would remain open and continue to be a place of healing even without John there.  What I base this response on is the fact that when he has been away in the past for reasons of travel or personal health issues, the Casa always remains open with everything functioning as normal except for the fact that he is not there in body when people go through the lines and generally have a several-second interaction with him “in Entity.”  Nor are the formal spiritual interventions (previously called “spiritual surgeries” or “spiritual operations”) offered.

During those times of his past physical absence, people still went – and are going now if they are at the Casa this week and last – through the appropriate lines and then sat for a while in the blessings room, sat in current, had crystal bath sessions, went to the sacred waterfall of the Casa for spiritual cleansing, and continued to experience the presence of the numerous Casa entities and the healing, including spontaneous spiritual interventions/surgeries at the Casa and even in their hotel rooms, as always. 

I have been at the Casa only a few times when John wasn’t there, as usually when he is traveling to do healing events outside of Brazil, I am at those events overseeing the “blessings room” and spiritual interventions room.”

But when I have been at the Casa in his absence, it was truly wonderful!!!  All of the nervous tension – and people trying to crowd in the lines, etc. – of many of those who would ordinarily be going through one of the lines during the formal sessions for their brief “consults” with the Entity was blessedly absent.

My faith in the Casa work has always been based on the entities’ work, not on John the man.  This has also been made apparent to me via the distance healing work of the entities by the many, many people who have requested it over the years when they have not been able to make the trip to the Casa, as well as via the entity-blessed Casa items (crystals, rosaries, etc.) and crystal beds all over the world.

And so it is for all of the above reasons that I have felt that the Casa would remain open – at least for many years – as a place of healing for all who continued to go there.

This is once again being confirmed in present time.  Even though John not been at the Casa for a week and has been in Brazilian Federal custody since this past weekend pending investigations into the allegations, the Casa has remained open and according to friends and acquaintances who have been there during this period, all is continuing as it always does.  Prayers for self and others are very strong throughout the concentrated sessions in current, and healings continue.  And the many lovely Casa volunteers and the staff are giving their all to make sure that the various processes continue uninterrupted and with much love and compassion for all during these challenging times.

Blessings in Disguise

Perhaps all that is unfolding now at the Casa and elsewhere in the world is one of those very odd “blessings in disguise” that life on planet Earth presents us.

What I mean by that is this:  Throughout history, most human beings have had a tendency to give away their power to other people, especially to those in positions of seeming “authority,” power and influence.  This usually starts with our parents, most of whom don’t teach us to go within and consult with our own inner Source of authority, and from then on we are in the habit of doing so with teachers, doctors, healers, religious leaders, politicians, etcetcetc.

And so many temptations come to such “authority figures,” including the temptation to abuse their position for personal power, gain, fame and glory.  Even Gautama the Buddha and Jesus were faced with these temptations and others, but as they had already attained God consciousness and were able to hold firm in it, they were able to see them for what they were and put them behind them.

We have all seen many such authority figures “fall off their pedestals” over time for one behavior or another, or due to the accusations of certain behaviors, whether true or false.  We often have trouble separating the message from the messenger.  This has even been true in the case of the Buddha, Jesus, and other messengers of Light, even though their message always has been to turn inward and discover Truth/Source within ourselves.  Certainly those Way-showers have been great examples of ones who have done so themselves, but most people have a tendency to believe in their own perceived limitations and prefer to continue to believe that Jesus or some other realized spiritual being of their choice is/was the only one to have the gift of attained Light, Consciousness, God realization, and that if we just prayed to that person, they would fix things for us.

In the case of John of God (not his given name but a title given to him at some point), many have also chosen to focus on John the man, attempting once again to place the man on a pedestal and grant him super-powers, rather than seeking that Light and Love within that the entities point us to again and again, so that with their support, healing and spiritual unfoldment can take place within ourselves.

John himself has reiterated over and over throughout the years that he is just a man, that it is God and the spirits/entities of light who are helping us.  And I myself have heard over and over, when going through one or another of the lines at the Casa when John was incorporated by any one of these entities, that when people ask that incorporated Entity what to do to further their healing process in the future, the response I’ve always heard is one or all of the following statements: “Love God above all else.  Love your Self.  Love your neighbor as your Self.”  Sound familiar, anyone?!

So the blessing in disguise in relation to John the man may be that his possible “toppling from the pedestal” of human regard is that we come to place more of our attention and faith on the healing Love that is within us and place less of it outside of ourselves.  The Casa entities do and always have supported this.

And because so many people around the world (millions have turned to John and the Casa for help over the past 60 years) are being affected by the current news reports and allegations, it could be a big-time wakeup call for many to go deeper within themselves.  Many contemporary spiritual teachers, gurus, etc. have had their name trashed and bashed as well, whether for “good reason” or not.

So perhaps it is an era now of “awake, thou that sleepest”!   To rethink our tendency to place authority outside of ourselves and to place it where it has always belonged.

All of that having been said, I would still encourage anyone who feels called from within to make the journey to the Casa to do so, whether John the man is ever there again or not.  Because of the many decades of spiritual work and healing that have taken place there, the beautiful, tranquil surrounding natural environment, the energy from the immense bedrock of quartz crystal there and in the surrounding region, all of this in addition to the ongoing support of the entities makes the Casa an ideal location for spiritual retreat and healing.

Because of all of that, I plan to continue to offer my planned groups of this year (and into the unknown future) to people wishing me to be their guide and support for their journey there, and to continue to bring all of the Love and various services I offer to those who so choose me as their guide.

It is unknown at this time if or when John the man will be present and working at the Casa in the future.  If he is, I’m guessing that strict restrictions will be placed on him and that he will not be allowed to be alone in his private quarters with any Casa female visitors.

In conclusion…

It seems no little thing that at this time of winter solstice in the northern hemisphere, and of the approaching date for many people world-wide who are preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus – who once again brought the message of Christ Consciousness, of unconditioned and unconditional Love and forgiveness to those who could hear and receive it into human awareness – that all of what is going on around John and elsewhere in human experience is currently taking place.

Whether or not John is guilty of the allegations, it is not my place to judge him.  If he is guilty, I of course do not condone his actions.  But all I feel to do now is to leave the human issues to the human court of law, and to pray for the Light to continue to touch and awaken him and all beings on earth and in all realms to Higher Consciousness.

With love, compassion and infinite blessings to all – Josie RavenWing

All rights reserved   Copyright@ December 20, 2018

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