Josie’s Book about the Casa

Inspired by the beautiful work of the Casa, prompted internally by the Casa entities, and with the full authorization of John of God, Josie has written one of the most popular and in-depth books on the functions of this powerful healing center and about the amazing man who makes it all possible.  This book, The Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of Joao de Deus, has currently been published not only in English, but also in French, German, Greek and Bulgarian, and has been read by many thousands of readers worldwide.

Already an author of two books, A Season of Eagles and The Return of Spirit: A Woman’s Call to Spiritual action, Josie knew during her first visit to the Casa that she would one day write a book about it as well.

She spent several years at the Casa, going through life-transforming experiences herself and interviewing others about their experiences there, until one night she received an inner prompting to begin writing the book about the Casa NOW!!!

She began the process of what she felt was as close to a channeled writing experience as she has ever had.  While her first two books took her a year to write and edit, The Book of Miracles only took six weeks to write!!!  Josie felt that the Casa entities were backing her a hundred percent in the writing of the book, and many readers have commented that they’ve felt the presence of the Casa entities coming through the pages of the book and touching their hearts and spirits.  And readers from many countries were inspired to make the journey to the Casa because of being so deeply affected by The Book of Miracles.

Because of the thorough descriptions of the Casa functions, Josie recommends to all her group participants that they read the book before making the trip to help them better prepare for and understand the real journey.

And in addition to describing the various aspects of the Casa experience, the last section of the book, “The Process and Mystery of Healing” offers a variety of perspectives and information on healing that readers can use to their benefit, whether or not they ever go to the Casa.

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The Casa is certainly a physical place, but its true essence goes beyond the physical.  Josie captures this sentiment in the opening of Part One of The Book of Miracles:

To pass through the gates of the Casa de Dom Inacio is to pass through a portal into a parallel world.  In this world is a spiritual hospital in which the medical personnel are spirits, the chief administrator is God, and daily miracles of healing are the norm.  And although the portal seems to be the simple wrought iron fence that is the physical entrance to the Casa, this is not the deeper reality.  The true gateway to this parallel world is the dedication of one of the most powerful trance medium healers of our time, Joao Teixeira da Faria, known most often as Joao de Deus: John of God.