My friend and I were fortunate to book a guided tour with Josie RavenWing from February 6 through February 18, 2012 to see John of God. Josie was very organized, providing us with detailed email material prior to our trip to enable us to be fully prepared of what was to follow. Josie gave us a thorough explanation of the Casa protocols prior to our first visit to the Casa, and provided us with a rapid ability to shepherd us through the various lines to see John of God. This was most appreciated by all in our group as there are generally hundreds of people waiting in the Main Hall…to help us navigate that process quickly and in a well-organized manner was extraordinarily helpful.
The most important aspect of Josie’s group experience for me was her consideration when I had surgeries (and I had one each of the weeks I was there)….she ensured I was able to see John of God as quickly as possible (I was using a cane then and in much physical pain), receive my instructions, accompany me in surgery and, once completed, take me to the Casa pharmacy to get my post-surgery herbs, into a taxi, back to the hotel and into my bed…all the while Josie quietly holding my arm with tender care. I could feel her energy of loving kindness. It meant a great deal and still does.
Josie brings a wealth of experience from her many years of guiding visitors to the Casa as well as her training in various healing modalities. Josie has made her life a spiritual journey and brings along those who are fortunate to choose her as their guide to the Casa de Dom Inacio.
I experienced many physical healings (NO MORE CANE!) as well as emotional and spiritual growth…the healing continues now that I am home…it is part of a process. I look forward to returning to Abadiania again.
Many blessings to those who will embark on this magical and mystery tour of their life,
Carmen Domingo
Marina, CA 93933

My experience in Abadiania, with you as my guide, Josie, was my own, personal ‘Occupy’ movement. ‘Occupy’ movements are timely examples of the global re-structuring taking place.
Your memorable guided visualizations and support helped me to ‘occupy’ myself, by going within to better know myself…my truths…my passions…my soul-yearnings…to release all that no longer serves me and lay a foundation for life-affirming change.  New pathways are blazing, Josie.  More and more, I am letting compassion be my guide and settling into a gentle place of peace within my heart.

Colleen Kerr – Colorado

If you travel with Josie, you won’t miss out on anything. Her professional skills and experience, at the Casa but also as a person, give you an amazing time and insight into the extraordinary energy that the Casa de Dom Inacio is. Josie is a dedicated guide with a big heart, respect and love for this place. And for you. Her care and love for you is bigger than you might comprehend. (If you are looking for a mummy to hold you, she will not be the right person, but if you want someone to support you in finding your own strength and wisdom, she is perfect.) She joins you at all possible times, sharing her wisdom together with stories from her life. I loved her “Healing Journey to the Crystal Cave” guided meditation that she took us through one evening. Even having done meditation for many years, this was a very beautiful, deep and strong one for me!
Our hotel was great too – very close to the Casa, clean and big rooms with balconies, amazing food and very sweet staff! I am so pleased.
Josie’s sweet heart combined with great organizational skills, makes me warmly recommend Josie as your guide, if you are thinking of coming. I’m so happy to have been in this group (which was a hilarious one!) If you in any ways feel called…..it’s the most loving and powerful place I’ve ever visited. Healing will take place if you are ready to open your heart.

Love and Gratitude,
Jeanette Carleson, NLP Coach, TCM- therapist, Masseuse, NZ/Sweden November 2011
Hi dearest Josie,
I just want to say “Thank You!!!” from the bottom of my heart for guiding me on two of the most profoundly precious and healing experiences of my life (two trips to John of God)  for which I am inexpressibly grateful and appreciative!!!!!!!!!!!!  You are such a REAL person, and so deeply devoted, sincere and dedicated to your purpose of helping your guests to have the MOST healing experience possible and to fullfill their divine purpose for coming to John of God.
And thank you with all my heart for talking with me at length on the second trip of 2011, helping me to realize that what I needed to ask John of God most of all for help with was to finally love and forgive myself.  You REALLY helped me more than you know and more than I can say, especially on my second trip which was genuinely profound for me in healing emotionally as well as physically.
Just to let you know, my chiropractor said after my first trip that he saw 20 – 30% improvement/straightening in my spine, then after my  second trip he says he sees 60% improvement which he NEVER sees in adults with Scoliosis because that just does not change in adults, or it temporarily changes then goes right back into the old pattern.  My change is HOLDING and IT IS A MIRACLE HEALING!!!!!  So I am jumping for JOY and so HAPPY to be walking around not in pain, not looking crooked in my clothes (just a little bit) and my neck is not in near as much pain since my back always kept my neck out all the time, and I can exercise without having to pay for it with so much pain afterwards: WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you with all my heart for doing what you do, so beautifully with so much heart and soul and so impeccably.  I can’t wait to see you next year at The Casa, as soon as I can plan another trip!!!
Take especially good care of you, dear friend, I think the world of you and all you do.

Forever your friend and fan,
Infinite Love, Light and Blessings in abundance,
In the spring of 2011 I traveled with my husband and 18 year old autistic son to Brazil to visit John of God.  Several months prior to traveling, my son had experienced a decline in his mental well being, becoming somewhat disconnected from reality coupled with swings into states of anxiety.  Our doctor had worked with us and we had seen some improvement but many issues were still not resolved.

On the second day after arriving in the town of Abadiania where John of God is located, Josie, our guide took us and several others in our group to visit the grounds of the Casa.  When we arrived, there were a group of people gathered together singing. It was a very peaceful environment but suddenly my son had a meltdown and began yelling as he wanted them to stop.  My husband had to carry him screaming from the Casa back to our hotel.  Later Josie assured us not to worry about what had happened.  She let us know that the Casa is a place where all are welcomed regardless of the severity of their needs.  I realized that in this place where there is so much positive energy, all are loved and accepted.

By the end of the first week in Abadiania my son’s anxiety had declined and he became a much happier and relaxed person. The members of our group were very supportive and also noticed his improvement. Even the hotel staff were loving and  sensitive to his needs, watching out for him.

While in Abadiania, I allowed myself to disconnect from the busy and materialistic world in which most of us are continually immersed in.  Life for the two short weeks I was there began to take on a different perspective.  In this loving environment, strangers talk to one another and openly share their perspectives.  There is a sense of safety and support among others, most of which are also seeking healing or to enrich their spiritual journey.

It was quite pleasant  to be the recipient  of the wonderful care we received from our guide Josie.  She went far beyond what I had expected her to do, bringing our group together at  just the right times to lead us in prayers and meditations and even to make herself available for private sessions to any in our group who needed to  process what they were experiencing.

My son is not currently where he needs to be but he is making progress.  I believe something very significant happened to him while in Abadiania that has played an important role in his path to wellness.  I also believe the Entities are still working on him. As there is no distance in the spirit realm we can still benefit from that which was begun in us as a family and as individuals while at the Casa.

Without reservation I recommend Josie RavenWing as a competent and compassionate guide.

Sharon Patterson

Four years ago I was diagnosed with two herniated disks (lower back).  That in turn caused my left foot to be completely numb and cold, since there was no circulation in the foot.  Additionally because of the pain, aside from Lidoderm patches, I took strong pain pills, that started to get very addictive.
This in turn (because of the codeine) caused me itching all over my body, so I then had to take 2 antihistamines a day on the day(s) I took the pain pills, which was almost every day.
After I had my Spiritual operation at the Casa,  as protocol dictates, I had to go to bed for 24 hours.  I woke up in the middle of the night, and I thought, “Oh no, I was just in a good sleep and now my (good) foot has pins and needles and is waking me up.”  Well when I sat up and put the light on, I realized it was my numb foot coming to life, right in front of me. The numbness left and gradually my foot became warmer and warmer, as blood was now circulating in it. I was so amazed that I thought, “is this real, can I be dreaming?”  So I got a pin and pricked my foot just to make sure I was not losing my mind.  It was so awesome.
Also in addition to my “numb/cold” foot coming back to life, my back had no more pain, therefore I need no pain pills, and I can honestly say I had no desire to take the pain pills (as before when I was getting addicted to them). Also because I was not taking any pain pills, my itching went away completely.
I have four years of documentation, regarding my back/foot/itching and each morning when I get up, I am still amazed.  Yes, I know the entities can heal everything.  However, when that much healing goes on, and you have had the conditions for four years, every day is truly a miracle. My pain management doctor, my allergist, and my family doctor are all elated for me and I no longer have to see them bi-monthly.
I felt compelled to go to see John of God when I went with Josie as my guide in April 2011.  And if possible I shall go back to the Casa next year just for the spiritual energy at the Casa, including for some great crystal bath sessions. With no TV, telephones etc., you have a sense of serenity and the time to grow spiritually.
Arlene Stirn, Florida           April 2011
Dear Josie,
I cannot thank you enough for the guidance that you provided during my recent trip to the Casa.
In addition to making all of the procedures and protocol understandable, you provided a  clear path to optimize the experience. Your attention to detail and incredible responsiveness was reassuring and satisfying.
In addition to the overall immersion in deep spirituality and healing at Abadiania, your guided meditations and healing circle were rich with meaning and purpose.
To have all of this as well as getting to know you as a loving, competent, and humorous person was the icing on the cake!
I would easily suggest you as the go to person/guide for a guided trip to John of God.
Blessings and thanks,
Sherry Jacobs
June, 2011

Thank you, Josie, for being the perfect guide for John of God’s Casa. Thank you for the first-rate care that you gave us throughout our trip. I am so glad that I chose to travel with a guide of your experience, not just regarding the Casa, but also with all areas of healing. You made the trip easy and smooth so I could focus on my inner work and receive the maximum.

Now four months later, I am still appreciating the healing I received and how childhood traumas have been wiped clean from my field.  The trip has been a profound blessing for me. Having seen John of God in both the US and in Brazil I have to say that going to Brazil was a deeper level for me.

Your travel instructions and advice were so thorough it made an easy trip getting there, even the parts when I was on my own. Also, your suggestions for how to prepare for my trip so that I would get the maximum from it really helped me focus my energies for healing and enrichment.  I enjoyed the accommodations and the cozy atmosphere of the pousada and its proximity to the Casa, and was happy with the food.  I also appreciated how you helped us quickly and easily navigate the lines at the Casa, acted as our translator, and how you were always generous about giving us extra care with our requests so everything was taken care of.

I especially want to acknowledge who you are and how profoundly you show up.  I am deeply touched by the depth of your wisdom and caring and how it emanates from everything you do.  Anyone would be blessed to travel with you to Brazil or work with you in any capacity.
Suzanne Lawlor
Corporate Trainer, Mentor and Life Coach