I traveled to Brazil with Josie to see John of God. I was driven by the need to find relief from a life long illness, Chron’s disease, that the medical community said was incurable. I was helped by John of God and went into remission. This was a unbelievable experience, and having Josie as my guide made the trip so much easier.

Josie is so versed in the procedures at the Casa and has not only been accepted by John of God as a guide, but has also been called on by John of God to assist him in many ways. Her guidance  and help was invaluable.  Every small facet of the journey is taken care of by Josie, from your lodgings, meals, transportation, and acting as your interpreter.  She was especially important in our visits to the Casa and audiences with John of God.

She really cares about the people she guides and I personally saw her go out of her way to give extra care and comfort to people who had or developed special problems while there.  Nothing was too much for her to do to support her charges.  If you’re thinking about taking this journey I wouldn’t do it without her.

At a later time, I decided to take a trip with Josie to visit the Fulnio tribe on their land in northeast Brazil, and that was perhaps the second most life changing experience I have ever had.  A remarkable opportunity to meet these wonderful people.
Teddy Barker