Dear Josie,

There are no words in my vocabulary that can adequately describe my experience at the Casa. I am humbled daily at the magnificence in my life that has transpired since my return to the states. My spiritual healing and growth process continues to blossom as a lotus.

I find that I am more peaceful and when I encounter challenges, I easily move through them. I experience them, move through and gain the wisdom, and continue onto the next adventure.

My intention in visiting the Casa and John of God was to assist me with spiritual and emotional healing of reoccurring patterns that have continued to show up in my life despite years of seeking out different spiritual practices to clear them. After spending 2 weeks at the Casa, my healing began and continues to evolve as I write. Serendipity has truly played a part in my life and with my experience at the Casa. Considering the current economic status of the world, I have more peace, joy, and serenity with myself. For this I am grateful and attribute this to the healing that I received when I was at the Casa.

In healing, love, and light,
Dr. Dolores Fazzino, RN, DNP, APN-BC
Encinitas, CA