If you are thinking of traveling to see John Of God in Brazil, I enthusiastically encourage you. There you will receive deep spiritual and healing support on many levels in an atmosphere of unconditional compassion and peace.

It is best to have a guide while you are there and a valuable bonus to have a guide who speaks fluent Portuguese.  For me, that was Josie RavenWing.

Josie was one of the very first to bring others to the Casa.  She took care of every detail and sent copious informational emails weeks before my departure for Brazil.  We corresponded so that Josie knew my situation prior to my arrival.

It was such a blessing for me to have had her care and nurturing wisdom.  Josie spread her strength and knowledge like an island on which I rested.  My experience was enriched and eased because of her.  She is an amazingly gifted healer, shaman and international teacher, plus a renowned author and poet.

More importantly, Josie is humbly, wholly dedicated in service to all life.  I remain grateful to John of God/Joao de Deus and to the Casa for my continued healing and for this magnificent light warrior, primal mother, mentor friend, Josie.
M. Riemer