I am writing this to honor Josie RavenWing. I was blessed to meet Josie on my visit to Abadiania, Brazil. I brought my daughter, who has autism, to see Joao de Deus (John of God).

Josie was like an angel for us, and she really turned the trip into a truly unforgettable experience.  One of the most amazing things that Josie did was take my daughter and I to the sacred Casa waterfall where she performed special prayers in order to help us.

Being in Abadiania and meeting Joao and the volunteers and visitors of The Casa is an experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life, but meeting Josie made it much, much more incredible and really added to the magical quality of the entire experience.  I have eternal fondness and gratitude for Josie and she has truly added much to my life from coming to know her.

Eileen – NY