“The journey to Brazil was a strange and wonderful time. The trip with Josie to see Joao began with skepticism on my part and ended (well it hasn’t truly ended yet) as a life-changing experience. Without reservation, I would highly recommend this trip to anyone.”

His Background:

“In October of 1998 I quit my job. The conflict between my “personal life” as a mystic and a Sensitive and my work life as an international network security consultant had grown out of hand. It was clear that one of my two lives, the personal or the professional, had to go. I spent about two years traveling through Europe and the Middle-East, following that inner voice that so many of us know so well. The experiences during that trip are amazing and would fill more than one book, although many would say I was making things up.”

Finding Josie:

“Around October of 2000, having left Saint Katherine’s monastery in Egypt and a possible lifetime as a monk there, I’d spent the last few months re-integrating into society. I was staying for a couple of weeks with my sister and her family in Pembroke Pines, FL. An internet search to find some ?answers to some larger questions led me to Josie. On an intuitive leading, I booked the next trip to Brazil with her.”


“After so much time traveling alone, I found myself a tiny bit suspicious of the idea of seeking the spiritual in a group. Oh was I wrong! A week spent with these people led to some deep connections that will probably last the rest of this life. Various members had special Gifts they shared with me, and I shared my own with others. Never a believer in re-incarnation (I was raised a skeptic and then trained as a scientist and engineer), I was shaken again. There was a woman there from Portugal whom I *knew* like I’d never known anyone, from the first. It was clear to both of us that we’d spent many lifetimes together — the memories of those even began to surface. That experience alone changed me in a way no other ever has, and that’s before the week at the Casa even began!”

The Casa:

“Joao, in trance, spent a moment with everyone who came thru the line, at least until he got to me. I didn’t even get a look — “Can’t help this one. Come back later.” Oy. Came back later and was scheduled for an “operation” by the entities on Friday of that week. I was flying out on Monday am. A week in the “current rooms” didn’t do much for me, although the Crystal/chakra room was an intriguing feeling. Needless to say, by Friday I was not expecting much. They led me and one other from our group into a small cement block room and had us sit on wooden benches and close our eyes. Nothing happened. Three minutes or so later they led us out. I was trying not to be disappointed — not everyone finds what they are seeking every time.

We went and sat in the sun and I had to sit down, I was so weak! The healing soup and then back to our rooms to hide out. Through the rest of that day I physically felt small hands working inside my body. Muscles and joints I’d had problems with for years were being shifted and shaped. Sometimes it was slight. Sometimes it would hit suddenly and hurt intensely until “they” finished what they were doing. Along with the physical, there were spiritual/energy changes happening that were overwhelming. I spent most of that day lying on my back in a dark room or sitting in the sun; and for the next three days I was almost too weak to move!

These changes continued for the next two months, on a lessened scale. A woman in our group who was a seer had told me several things that week. Just before leaving on Monday she looked at me in that sharp and slightly ?off-side look she used and said that there was another change I didn’t know about. That Id carried something genetically which could have killed me young and which I’d have passed onto my children. She said the entities had changed me on the genetic level as well.”

Back Home in Florida:

“The one thing I’d asked for that week was a healing on my wrists which had been a source of serious pain for many years. It felt to me as if I was afraid to reach out in a few areas and that it had manifested, spiritually/physically, as if my hands were cut off at the wrists. When I got back to Florida, a friend, a medical student, and another who ‘sees’ clearly, looked at me and asked, ‘what happened!?!’  ‘I don’t know. What do you see?’  She replied, ‘your hands look like they have been re-attached at the wrists! It’s strange. Like they were previously cut off and they’d been surgically re-attached.’ “


“The journey is not over. The world is in a ‘Shift’. Everything we know and feel is changing in ways far deeper than most realize. Lots of crazy theories are out there which purport to explain what the Sensitives among us feel — but the jury is still out on what exactly is happening. It’s clear, though, that something huge is moving/shifting/changing and that we will, none of us, ever be the same for it. Every day, every moment, I continue to wake to what is. The time spent with Josie and our group at the Casa in Brazil, for me, has been and continues to be an extremely beautiful and important part of that path.”
Peace, Nicholas