Dear Josie:

What a blissful time we had in Abadiania.  I am already having results. Remember the sore that I’d had on my leg for three months (probably skin cancer) that healed over within days of arriving in Abadiania; and the arthritic swelling in my hands that disappeared by the end of our stay?  Now a skin cancer on my arm that I’ve had for years has almost disappeared!

And I’m sleeping better than I have for many years.  Before our trip to Brazil, I used to only be able to sleep for two to three hours at a time due to digestive problems.  Now I can sleep for five to six hours at a time and I then wake up in the morning renewed.

You are a fantastic tour leader.  I still cannot believe our visit to what seemed like another world.  We all wish we were still there and are certainly planning on returning.  The miracles we saw, the peace, the kindness of the Brazilian people are indescribable.

And the river of mist in the mornings, the walks in the hills, the tree where we found all the crystals, the sacred waterfall, the free bowl of healing soup at the Casa each day…  Was this for real?!  Or did we go through a secret door into another dimension?
Liz Flynn, Owner of art gallery, Jamaica