Your Accommodations in Abadiania

Your guide Josie and all group participants stay at the Hotel San Raphael, located conveniently only 1/2 block from the Casa!

Each room has its own bathroom with sink, toilet and shower.  Usually participants can have their own private room or, if they wish to share a room with a friend, partner, or other family member, may do so.

Hotel San Raphael is a two-story hotel.  Usually Josie books your rooms upstairs.  However, if you have a disability that makes walking up a flight of stairs difficult or impossible, please let her know well in advance and she will book a downstairs room for you.

Rooms are cleaned daily, towels are provided, and each room has wi-fi for internet access should you choose to bring your laptop.  If you only need the occasional use of a computer and don’t want to bring your laptop, the hotel will let you use their computer for reasonable lengths of time.  The hotel also has free international calling in case guests need to make a quick call back home.

Our hotel owner, Costas, is a kind and wonderful man who does his best to accommodate any special needs of his guests – within reason – including dietary needs.

The food at Hotel San Raphael is some of the best in Abadiania, and often you will find non-hotel guests coming over just for meals!  The fare is fresh, varied, and fine for both vegetarians and carnivores!  All meals are served buffet style, and you can eat as much as you wish.  Fresh fruit juices are served with most meals, made with both the fruit and with clean, bottled water.

It is recommended that you only drink bottled water – or boiled water if served in hot beverages.

If you have a spiritual surgery while in Abadiania, the hotel staff will bring you a morning bowl of the Casa blessed soup while you are having your 24 hours of required post-surgery bed rest.

They are a wonderful staff, and at the end of our stay, you are encouraged to contribute as generously as you are able to the “tip envelopes” that Josie will collect and divide evenly among the staff members.

We will all do our best to help you enjoy your stay at Hotel San Rapahel!