Your Guide

Since beginning this work in 1998, as of June of 2016, Josie will have  taken 140 groups to the Casa.  She is probably the most experienced of the non-Brazilian guides, and has the respect of John of God.

In 2003, John of God asked Josie if she would be willing to accompany him whenever and wherever he offered his rare events outside of Brazil.  She has gladly done so since that time, going twice with him to New Zealand, numerous times to the U.S. and Canada, and several times to Europe.  Each time she does so, she is put in charge of the “spiritual interventions and special blessings” room, due to her many years of experience working as a medium in that room at the Casa.

Thousands of people from all over the world have heard Josie’s beautiful prayers and guided visualizations at those events and at the Casa.  Her soothing voice and heartfelt words have touched people deeply, and she is currently working on putting together a series of meditation/visualization CD’s based on this work.

Various Casa entities, in addition to John of God the man, have told Josie on numerous occasions how much they like and respect her work.  She in turn does her very best to respect the work of the Casa and to transmit that respect and love to her group participants.

Josie has also written one of the most popular and in-depth books about John of God’s work, “The Book of Miracles: The Healing Work of Joao de Deus.”  It has been translated into French, German, Greek, and Bulgarian at this time, and is considered recommended reading for all those considering a trip to the Casa and/or simply wanting to know more about John of God’s work.

For a more in-depth look at Josie’s innovative and pioneering background in the fields of holistic health, shamanism and spiritual healing, please click on the “Josie RavenWing” tab at the top of this page.


Before you even leave for your trip to the Casa, Josie provides guidance for those needing to apply for Brazilian tourist visas, suggestions for travel agents for North American visitors, and in-depth preparations information.

Each participant is sent a mandatory consent form which must be completed and returned to Josie well before the trip.  In addition, each participant MUST have travel insurance (Josie will suggest a good one to North Americans) and must mail a copy of the first page of the insurance policy to Josie, again, well before the trip, as proof of purchase.  These are Casa requirements that all Casa-authorized guides must meet.

Prior to the trip, Josie will arrange for your accommodations at our hotel and for airport transport to pick you up at the Brasilia airport upon your arrival and bring you directly to our hotel in Abadiania, and to later return you to the airport on your departure date.  She will also arrange for 12 bottles of blessed Casa drinking water and a copy of a detailed “on loan” handbook about the Casa to be in your room upon your arrival.

Once in Abadiania, she will give a detailed orientation at the Casa, showing you where everything is and describing the various Casa processes and protocols, which you can review as often as necessary in the on-loan handbook she has written.  As Josie has been going to the Casa since October of 1998, she has a profound understanding and multi-faceted experience of the Casa spiritual and healing work.

As she speaks Portuguese (one of the few non-Brazilian Casa guides who do), Josie can translate directly your requests to John of God/entity when you go through the line and his responses and advice to you.

If you have one or more spiritual surgeries at the Casa, Josie will make sure your meals are delivered to your room during the 24 hours of mandatory post-surgery bed rest.

As she stays at the same hotel as the group participants, she is available to assist you in getting proper medical care should you have a medical emergency during your stay.  She also takes many meals with her groups, and during those times can answer any questions coming up, and often tells interesting stories about her own or others’ Casa experiences during those informal chats.

Over the 4-day weekend Josie will take you on your first time to the sacred waterfall and will help you prepare well for it in advance.   She  will also offer a guided meditation/inner journey, another powerful group process on a different day, and a final meeting your last Friday evening in Abadiania.   And when they are available, she invites in guest speakers as well.  These sessions are for the purpose of supporting you in your spiritual and healing process and enriching your experience of the Casa.

After the trip, if you have any additional questions about your process, she will respond to them in a timely manner.

Overall, Josie will do her best to make sure you understand the Casa processes, support you in your inner and outer journey, and help you to get the most out of your time there.

What Josie expects of you is to honor the Casa and its processes and protocols, to do your own inner work, and to respect the other group members and their processes.